We are committed to preventing pollution by reducing emissions 而且 discharges by regularly reviewing practice against benchmarks. 
A photograph of an arrow pointing to drainage

We have marked up the drains on campus so in the event of a spillage, it's clear from markers if the drain runs into a sewer where it can be treated or into a water course which could cause harm. Making people aware of the potential harm that can occur from pollution is important. 

We promote 而且 encourage all staff who carry radios 而且 could be the first responder to an emergency to watch this short 防止污染的代价 video on YouTube, 而且 provide spill kits 而且 training for key staff.


Our current targets 而且 some examples of how we are going to achieve them can be accessed through the 可持续发展目标文件.

Download our full current qualitative 而且 quantitative targets 而且 progress against targets from 碳管理 & 目标页面

13的可持续发展目标标志. 气候行动